11 Facts That Will Change The Way You See Dolphins

These guys are known as the Amazon river dolphins, and guess what?

They live NOT just in the Amazon, but also in the Orinoco and Araguaia/Tocantins river systems.

They're notable and easily recognizable because theirskin has a pinkish hue. However, there are other cool things about this animal:

  • It's the largest cetacean to spend most of it's life in freshwater.
  • They have unfused neck vertebrae, which means they can turn their heads 180 degrees!

There are officially two recognized species of Amazon river dolphins. They're part of the folklore of the people who live around them.

Local folklore speaks of 'encantados,' shapeshifters who look like dolphins by day, but spend their nights seducing people and having illegitimate children with humans.

Deforestation and other human made natural disasters are endangering the pink dolphin, so it's important for everyone to be aware that we're endangering the life of such an awesome creature.